About Us

The Institution for Children with Special Needs “Hara” was incorporated in 1983 by parents and in 1986 moved to its own private facilities in Pallini. The inauguration ceremony was held in 2005.

The children staying at the institution have a very low IQ and demand special care and living conditions. The institution evolved as a collective effort in order to ease the pressure from each individual family, offering the expertise and necessary resources for caregiving. Residence at the institution is for life, and the parents can take care of their children without the difficulties that would be present in everyday life.

Every child has its own special needs and is unique. Inside the institution each child is viewed as a unique person with a distinct character, specific needs and skills. There is an action plan for every child. Those responsible for the child coordinate their actions based on the child’s special needs. The parents, trainers and caregivers are in close collaboration and renew their targets based on the evaluation of the individual action plan. Each resident has the ability to bring to the surface the best of his/her abilities.