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It is fortunate that during the recent years the number of people that are willing to offer volunteer work for the institution is on the rise, and the institution has been receiving offers both from individuals as well as from collective groups that specialize in caregiving. The institution acknowledges the need for a robust framework for the management of volunteer work through organized initiatives.

Within this framework we seek to highlight the mutual benefit of organized volunteer work and reward the volunteers’ interest in our cause, stressing the wealth in experience gained through their participation in a number of actions and activities.

The two main pillars of defined needs for volunteer work and action at “Hara”, based on which we develop our volunteering program, are:

  • Securing the continuation of caregiving and therapeutic and training activities, throughout the day for the institution’s residents.
  • The overall support of the remaining actions that we develop, beyond the daily therapeutic and training activities.

Based on the above, the majority of volunteer work is focused on:

  • Assistance in training or caregiving of the residents (our volunteers help based on their knowledge, experience and interests, assisting the institution’s scientific and general staff).
  • Scientific or technical support for activities relating to various programs that we develop.
  • Participation in socialization programs for the residents (i.e. serving as escorts in daily or occasional activities in the community).
  • Participation and support relating to the creative activities or focused in particular skills and training of the residents.
  • Participation in self-service programs.


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